Every child has a right to love, and be loved and to grow up in an atmosphere of love, affection and of moral and material security. This is possible only if the Child is brought up in a family."

Vathsalya Charitable Trust (VCT), a non-profit, non-government organization, was registered on June 28, 1988 under the Indian Trusts' Act of 1882. The name Vathsalya means mother's love in sanskrit.

Homeless children experience this love either at the child care facility or in the foster homes even before they are placed in adoption.

Vathsalya Charitable Trust has come a long way since 1988. It was started with the goal of providing a family and a home for orphaned and abandoned children. It worked in partnership with Holt International Children’s Services, U.S. Adoption is at the heart of Vathsalya. The driving force of the organization has been our desire to find permanent homes and the love of a family for homeless children. Over the past two and a half decades, we have been able to rescue over 1600 children and have placed over 950 children in loving homes. More than 80% of our children find a family within India and those who don’t due to various reasons, are placed in international globally. Vathsalya also has a successful foster care programme since 1990, where children were provided short term and long term alternative families.

Over the years we have moved our focus from child welfare to child development, where we address issues and needs at a wider family and community level. Today we are directing our efforts to family preservation and family strengthening. In an endeavour to provide the child holistic development we have marked our focus areas as education, Nutrition, Parenting, and Training.
Our Mission

To preserve and provide a sustainable environment for a healthy mother, children and families by providing Nutrition, Education and Counselling.
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Family Preservation
When children are at risk of being separated from their families because of problems arising out of unemployment, vices, marital disputes, sickness or death in the family, Vathsalya intervenes and works with the family providing counselling services and psychological and financial support.

This is a long-term programme requiring regular assessments
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